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Wild Orchard Winery

The Wild Orchard is inspired by the fact that Living Waters Farm was part of a group of farms know as The Orchards. Various fruit trees can still be found along the Blauwbank river dating over 80 years old. Apple trees, pears , apricot, peach, pomegranates can still be found.These were irrigated along the river by means of water canals.Sadly only a portion have survived the march of time. Those ancients still surviving supply food for the resident vervet monkeys in their season. The pips they discard have resulted in various young wild fruit trees springing up.

Wild Orchard Winery

Fruit Wines


Out very own vineyard - right here in Magaliesburg

Fruit Wines

Pear Wine - a blend of wild pear and cultivated pears


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Our distillery products are taking shape

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