Off The Beaten Track

Anatolian shepherds.

  • Guard Dog: ZAC - always watchful, with sheep always in-sight.
  • temperament slightly aloof to humans, but caring and nurturing to his charges and those he deems vulnerable.Extremely stong guarding instincts displayed right from 3 months pup. Takes life very seriously. His immediate paternal bloodline, straight from Turkey and active working guard dogs.

  • Raising Anatolians: ZARA. cheeky little girl. definetly not a push over. Does not take her work as seriously yet, but starting to show good guarding instincts. Definetly more playful still.on the first day she was introduced to the new Jack Russell puppy she immediatley took to guarding him [even though they are the same age.]

  • Anatolian Interaction:

  • Independent:

  • Always exploring the environment

  • Always searching for a look-out point